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Project Manager´s Fast Start Program by OnlinePMcourses

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General Project Management Course.

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  PM made easy.
  Step by Step.
  Doc. Templates.

  No Quizzes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

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There is not a better way to have an idea of a PM course than by actually watching a sample video of that course (not the promo!). Have a look below!

Project Management made easy. Mike Clayton will get you in project management from beginning to end with daily examples. This will help you understand and actually learn the concepts and methodology from a general perspective out of official PM certifications. Everything, even the use of the interface, is breakdown into a detailed step by step guide.

If I were to recommend this course to a friend…

If you are not looking for a credential and instead want to learn the foundations of PM before managing an important project… This is your PM Course!

Moreover, all the videos in the course are available to be downloaded directly from the course page which is great to listen them while you drive to work or elsewhere. On the other hand, lessons come with project document templates in word and pdf format so you can have a clear idea on how the documents actually are. Nevertheless, I would have enjoyed to have quizzes and practical exercises at the end of each section. This would have engaged me more in the activities and help me retain better the concepts.

This course does not have a live chat as others do, however Mike included a comment form at the end of each section where you can write down your doubts and he will personally get back to you. Finally, it is worth knowing that if you decide to upgrade to a more in-depth course after your purchase, you will receive a special discount in the new course.



Before You Start…
    •  Read Me First
    •  Meet Your Instructor (4:18)
    •  Your Continuing Professional Development
    •  How to Take this Course
    •  What else can you be doing?
    •  How to Manage a Great Project
Getting Started: Introducing Project Management and Defining your Project
    •  Introduction to Section 1: Getting Started
    •  The Definition of a Project (3:03)
    •  The Project Lifecycle (5:53)
    •  Why Split Your Project into Stages? (7:18)
    •  Goals and Objectives (3:23)
    •  The Time – Cost – Quality Triangle (7:42)
    •  Introduction to Scope (8:00)
    •  Scope and Scope Creep (7:33)
    •  Tools and Templates for Defining your Project
    •  Getting Started Podcasts
Project People: Stakeholders and Team-members
    •  Introduction to Section 2: Stakeholders and Team Members
    •  Project Organizational Structure (4:37)
    •  Stakeholder Engagement Process (4:04)
    •  Easy Stakeholder Analysis (10:05)
    •  RACI Chart (5:10)
    •  Tools and Templates for Managing Stakeholders and Team-members
    •  Project People Podcasts
Planning Success: Project Planning Tools
    •  Introduction to Section 3: Project Planning Tools
    •  The Book of the Plan (5:26)
    •  Creating your Project Timeline (4:09)
    •  Milestones as Progress Markers (7:08)
    •  Work Breakdown Structures (7:15)
    •  The Gantt Chart (5:57)
    •  Tools and Templates for Planning your Project
    •  Project Planning Tools Podcasts
Shift Happens! Dealing with Project Risks
    •  Introduction to Section 4: Shift Happens!
    •  The Definition of Risk (1:26)
    •  The Risk Management Process (4:17)
    •  Risk Analysis (6:48)
    •  The Six Strategies for Handling Risk (7:18)
    •  The Risk Register (4:34)
    •  Risk Happens!
    •  Tools and Templates for Managing Risk
    •  Shift Happens! Podcasts
Making it Happen: Delivering and Finishing your Project
    •  Introduction to Section 5: Making it Happen
    •  The Monitor and Control Cycle (8:20)
    •  Project Reporting (5:07)
    •  Brilliant Project Leader
    •  Closing your Project Down (5:46)
    •  Tools and Templates for Delivering and Finishing your Project
    •  Making it Happen Podcasts
Before you Leave
    •  Lessons Learned Review: Your Continuing Professional Development
    •  PMI PDUs
    •  What did You Think of This Course? (1:29)
    •  Your ‘Easy Upgrade’ Offer
    •  Specialist Courses
    •  Glossary eBook: Decode the Jargon of Project Management
    •  Your Bonus Articles
    •  Celebration & Completion Certificate (0:18)

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  1. Jaime Alonso Candau

    As described in “Description” tab, I rate this course with 4 stars.

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