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PMP Exam Prep Seminar – PMBOK Guide 6 by Joseph Phillips

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PMP Exam Preparation Course.

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Variety of Assignments.
2X Full PMP Exams.
PMP Application Guide.

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This PMP Preparation Course is in my Top 3

The content of this popular PMP Preparation Course is very thorough. The course is organized by knowledge area in which Joseph Philips gets into the details of processes, project documents and tools and techniques. It includes EVERYTHING you will need for your PMP Exam from an introduction to the PMBOK 6th Edition to a guide on how-to fill your PMP Application. In each section, you will find a 20 question quiz but two full PMP Exams to simulate the big day at the end of the course too. There are also short writing assignments in which the instructor assistant or other students can comment on your answers.

If I were to recommend this course to a friend….

It would have been helpful to retain better the PMBOK concepts if the sessions were called exactly as they are in the PMBOK 6th Edition. Also, there are a few minor typos about Net Present Value (NPV) and Planned Value (PV), but not distracting from high quality and clarity of this program. As you may probably feel comfortable with this course, I recommend you to increase the speed of the video to x1.5 in order to optimize your study time.

This course will qualify you with 35 Contact Hours/PDU, that means that only with this course you can fulfill that requirement in your PMP Application.  Despite it may be a learning strategy, I have the feeling that Joseph sometimes could be more straight and concise if I had to say something negative about this course.

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Preparing to Pass the PMP

Welcome to the PMP Exam Prep Seminar 02:10

Certificate of Completion 03:51

Explore the Entire Course 09:22

All About the PMP Exam 10:06

All About the PMP Exam 09:45

PMP Exam Application 1 question

PMP Exam Application Audit 06:14

PMP Coach: Getting Started03:24

PMP Changes July 1, 2020 01:10

Section Summary: Preparing to Pass the PMP Exam 02:56

Get the Most from this course

Section Overview: Get the Most from the Course 03:59

Frequently Asked Questions 05:39

PDUs Or Contact Hours 03:35

Create a Study Strategy 07:59

Explore the PMBOK Guide, Sixth Edition 04:15

Course Resources 03:00

Download the Course Resources 10 min 1 question

Maintaining Your PMP 05:00

PMP Coach: Confidence 03:08

Section Summary: Get the Most from the Course 02:31

Review the PMP Exam Domains

Section Overview: Review the PMP Exam Domains 02:05

Initiate the Project – PMP Exam Domain I 05:07

Plan the Project – PMP Exam Domain II 08:46

Execute the Project – PMP Exam Domain III 03:56

Monitor the Project – PMP Exam Domain IV 03:14

Close the Project – PMP Exam Domain V 03:00

Download the PMP Handbook 1 question

Review the PMP Exam Domains 03:46

PMBOK Guide, Sixth Edition

Section Overview: PMBOK Guide, Sixth Edition 03:29

Introduction to the PMBOK Guide 04:16

Environments in Which Projects Operate 07:38

Role of the Project Manager 03:16

Project Integration Management 02:40

Project Scope Management 04:28

Project Schedule Management 03:17

Project Cost Management 02:20

Quality in Project Management 03:18

Project Resources Management 03:12

Project Communications Management 02:17

Project Risk Management Overview 02:17

Project Procurement Management 02:21

Project Stakeholder Management 02:34

Access the PMBOK Guide, Sixth Edition 2 questions

PMP Coach: Daily Work 02:06

Section Summary: PMBOK Guide, Sixth Edition Overview 02:26

Define Project Management Foundations

Section Overview: Project Management Foundations 02:05

Projects are Temporary 03:33

Project Create Unique Products, Services, Or Results 03:02

Projects Enable Business Value Creation 02:26

Project Initiation Context – Why Projects are Created 03:24

Defining Project Management 06:40

Project Management Application areas 03:29

Reviewing a Project Life Cycle 03:04

Define a Project 1 question

PMP Coach: Don’t Think too Much 02:50

Section Wrap: Define Project Management Foundations 02:18

Related Areas of Project Management

Section Overview: Related Areas of Project Management 02:29

Program Management 02:50

Portfolio Management 04:47

Working with a Project Management Office 04:55

Projects Vs. Operations 02:45

OPM and Strategies 09:24

Understanding the Project Environment 10:30

PMP Coach: Know Your Terms 03:31

Section Wrap: Related Areas of Project Management 02:37

Project Management Components

Section Overview: Project Management Processes Groups and Knowledge Areas 02:38

Reviewing the Project Management Process Groups 03:39

Work Performance Data, Information, and Reports 04:15

Tailoring the Processes 03:19

Introducing Adaptive Environments 06:32

Introducing Business Documents 04:19

Project Business Case 08:05

Project Benefits Management Plan 03:30

Reviewing the Project Management Knowledge Areas 04:29

Mapping the Processes 120 1 question

PMP Coach: What’s your benefit? 02:20

Project Foundations 25 questions

Section Wrap: Project Management Components 01:55

Project Environments

Section Overview: Project Environments 02:34

Enterprise Environmental Factors 09:04

Organizational Process assets 07:16

Processes, Policies, and Procedures 09:08

Organizational Knowledge Repositories 03:16

Organizational Systems 04:12

Frameworks 05:02

Management Elements 09:22

Organizational Structure Types 17:59

Project Management Office 03:09

PMP Coach: Keep going! 02:11

Defining Organizational Characteristics 60 min 1 question

Section Quiz 20 questions

Section Wrap: Project Environments 03:14

Role of the Project Manager

Section Overview: Role of the Project Manager 02:18

Definition of a Project Manager 08:09

Project Manager’s Sphere of Influence 08:00

Project Management Competencies 07:50

Technical Project Management Skills 04:16

Strategic and Business Management Skills 05:21

Leadership Skills 11:28

Politics, Power, and Getting Things Done 04:59

: Compare Management and Leadership 1 question

Comparing Leadership and Management 03:50

Performing Integration 05:30

PMP Coach: It’s Problem Solving 02:06

Section Quiz 20 questions

Section Wrap: Role of the Project Manager 01:42

Implementing Project Integration Management

Section Overview: Implementing Project Integration Management 02:57

Trends and Emerging Practices in Project Integration Management 06:25

Tailoring Project Integration Management 05:00

Considerations for Adaptive Environments 03:03

Developing the Project Charter 12:21

Examining Benefit Measurement Methods 13:38

Creating an Assumptions Log 02:54

Developing the Project Management Plan 17:25

Directing and Managing the Project Work 03:37

Actions as Project Manager 03:49

Deliverables 04:25

Work Performance Data 02:44

Issue Log 03:29

Manage Project Knowledge 07:12

Monitoring and Controlling the Project Work 10:05

Performing Integrated Change Control 18:11

Map Out Integrated Change Control 1 question

Closing the Project or Phase 08:57

PMP Coach: Interruptions 02:25

Section Quiz 25 questions

Section Wrap: Implementing Project Integration Management Project integration 02:04

Managing the Project Scope

Section Overview: Managing the Project Scope 02:09

Planning Project Scope Management05:24

Project Scope Vs. Product Scope 06:32

Trends and Emerging Practices in Project Scope Management 03:36

Considerations for Adaptive Environments 05:34

Collecting the Project Requirements 15:14

Managing the Project Requirements 04:33

Defining the Project Scope Statement 09:08

Creating the Work Breakdown Structure 06:56

Assignment: Create a WBS 1 question

Validating the Project Scope 04:44

Controlling the Project Scope 05:56

PMP Coach: Control Your Scope 02:08

Section Quiz: Project Scope Management 24 questions

Section Wrap: Managing the Project Scope 01:30

Introducing Project Schedule Management

Section Overview: Introducing Project Schedule Management 02:43

Trends and Emerging Practices in Project Schedule Management 05:41

Considerations for Adaptive Environments 07:33

Creating the Schedule Management Plan 06:04

Defining the Project Activities 10:19

Rolling Wave Planning 02:54

Compiling the Activity List 08:02

Creating the Milestone List 02:36

Sequencing Project Activities 10:34

Creating Network Diagrams 03:48

Considering Leads and Lags 04:11

Estimating Activity Durations 13:29

Creating an Analogy 03:16

Applying Parametric Estimates 03:26

Creating a Three-Point Estimate 04:45

Bottom-Up Estimating 02:14

Factoring in Reserve Time 05:45

Developing the Project Schedule 02:51

Evaluating the Project Constraints and Assumptions 07:15

Performing Schedule Network Analysis 19:08

Find Float 2 questions

Using a Project Simulation 02:30

Applying Duration Compression 04:33

Agile Release Planning 03:00

Controlling the Project Schedule 05:16

Measuring Project Performance 02:39

PMP Coach: Control Your Schedule 02:37

Section Quiz: Project Schedule Management 23 questions

Section Wrap: Project Schedule Management 02:09

Project Cost Management

Section Overview: Project Cost Management 02:14

Trends and Emerging Practices in Project Cost Management 04:15

Planning the Project Costs 03:52

Estimating the Project Costs 10:50

Using Analogous Estimating 02:23

Using Parametric Estimating 02:28

Using Bottom-Up Estimating 02:08

Creating a Three-Point Cost Estimate 05:09

Creating a Project Budget 07:18

Creating the Cost Baseline 03:16

Establishing Project Funding Requirements 03:11

Implementing Cost Control 04:38

Measuring Project Performance 12:09

: Calculate Earned Value Management 2 questions

Section Quiz: Project Cost Management 25 questions

Section Wrap: Project Cost Management 03:35

Project Quality Management

Section Overview: Project Quality Management 01:46

Looking at the Big Quality Picture 04:52

Key Concepts for Project Quality Management 11:03

Considerations for Adaptive Environments 03:26

Quality and Grade 02:02

Planning for Quality 06:46

Applying Benchmarking Practices 02:42

Design of Experiments 01:59

Trend Analysis 02:36

Tailoring the Quality Management Processes 03:25

Considering the Cost of Quality 03:00

Creating the Quality Management Plan 03:03

Manage Quality 04:30

Design For X 01:57

Results of Managing Quality 01:51

Controlling Quality in a Project 04:54

Inspecting Results 02:33

Testing and Product Evaluations 03:47

Creating Flowcharts and Control Charts 05:54

Creating Pareto, Histograms, Scatter and Run Charts 05:13

Completing a Statistical Sample 02:18

Controlling Quality Case Study 1 question

Meet Your Quality Goals 01:58

Section Quiz: Project Quality Management 23 questions

Section Wrap: Project Quality Management 01:51

Introducing Project Resource Management

Section Overview: Project Resource Management 02:06

Key Concepts for Project Resource Management 10:36

Trends and Emerging Practices in Resource Management 09:12

Considerations for Adaptive Environments 03:52

Preparing for Resource Planning 06:04

Relating to Organizational Theories 09:36

Creating the Resource Management Plan 06:58

Estimating Activity Resources 06:19

Acquiring Resources 05:17

Negotiating for Resources 02:50

Acquiring Staff 02:36

Working with Virtual Teams 02:09

Developing the Project Team Up 05:14

Creating Team-Building activities 02:45

Naturally Developing Project Teams 03:27

Rewarding the Project Team 04:12

Completing Assessments 02:22

Managing the Project Team 10:23

Managing the Project Team 1 question

Controlling Resources 04:25

Section Quiz: Project Resource Management 25 questions

Section Wrap: Project Resource Management 02:58

Introducing Project Communications Management

Section Overview: Project Communications Management 02:01

Key Concepts for Project Communications Management 05:36

Trends and Emerging Practices in Project Communications Management 04:38

Considerations for Adaptive Environments 02:02

Communications Planning 09:22

Exploring Communication Technologies 10:52

Communication Methods 05:06

Interpersonal and Team Styles assessment 05:45

Data Representation 02:41

Creating Successful Communications 04:09

Creating the Communications Plan 02:07

Managing Project Communications 03:35

Case Study for Communications 2 questions

Monitoring Communications 04:26

Section Quiz: Project Communications Management 25 questions

Section Wrap: Project Communications Management 03:25

Introducing Project Risk Management

Section Overview: Project Risk Management 02:21

Key Concepts for Project Risk Management 04:48

Trends and Emerging Practices in Project Risk Management 06:32

Considerations for Adaptive Environments 04:09

Planning for Risk Management 03:44

Examining Stakeholder Tolerance 05:12

Relying on Risk Management Policies 07:36

Creating the Risk Management Plan 04:26

Creating Risk Categories 02:29

Identifying Risks 04:32

Identifying Risks Through Interviews 03:57

Analyzing SWOT 02:11

Creating a Risk Register 02:01

Using Qualitative Risk analysis 13:44

Preparing for Quantitative Risk analysis 04:28

Applying Sensitivity Analysis 02:05

Finding the Expected Monetary Value 08:28

Using a Decision Tree 02:58

Case Study Risk Response Planning 3 questions

Performing a Project Simulation 02:28

Planning Risk Responses 09:08

Justifying Risk Reduction 04:06

Implementing Risk Responses 02:38

Monitoring Risks 03:21

Section Quiz: Project Risk Management 25 questions

Section Wrap: Project Risk Management 03:16

Leading Project Procurement Management

Section Overview: Project Procurement Management 02:12

Key Concepts for Procurement Management 06:57

Emerging Trends in Procurement 06:12

Procurement Considerations for Agile Projects 00:38

Planning for Procurement 08:08

Planning for the Project Requirements 03:00

Determining the Contract Type 15:45

Determining to Make or Buy 05:04

Creating Procurement Management Plan 05:01

Creating the Procurement Documents 02:12

Conducting Procurements 09:05

Selecting the Seller 03:19

Controlling Procurements 03:48

Preparing for Contract administration 02:08

Performing Claims Administration 02:33

Performing Contract Closure 02:34

Case Study for Procurement 1 question

Section Quiz: Project Procurement Management 25 questions

Section Wrap: Project Procurement Management 02:30

Engaging Project Stakeholders

Section Overview: Project Stakeholder Management 02:10

Stakeholder Management 05:38

Identifying the Project Stakeholders 05:38

Performing Stakeholder Analysis 07:12

Manage Stakeholder Engagement 06:26

Planning Stakeholder Management 06:03

Monitor Stakeholder Engagement 05:09

Mapping Stakeholder Engagement 1 question

Section Quiz: Project Stakeholder Management 25 questions

Section Wrap: Project Stakeholder Management 03:36

The PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

Section Overview: Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility 02:10

Responsibilities to the Profession 11:50

Download the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct 2 questions

Section Quiz: PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct 25 questions

Section Wrap: Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility 02:58

PMP Blitz Review

Section Overview: PMP Blitz Review 01:31

Project Integration Management 03:38

Project Scope Management 02:44

Project Schedule Management 05:45

Project Cost Management 02:47

Project Quality Management 05:34

Project Resources Management 05:43

Project Communications Management 02:48

Project Risk Management 02:46

Project Procurement Management 16:47

Project Stakeholder Management 04:04

Map out the ITTOs 1 question

Section Wrap: PMP Blitz Review 03:28

Wrapping Up the Course

PMP Exam Prep – 200 Question Practice Exam

PMP Exam Prep – 200 Question Process Exam

PMI Certificate of Completion for PMP Application 00:35

Wrapping up the Entire Course 03:34


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2 reviews for PMP Exam Prep Seminar – PMBOK Guide 6 by Joseph Phillips

  1. Jaime Alonso Candau

    As described in “Description” tab, I rate this course with 5 stars.

  2. Eric Byers

    Inexpensive way to get your hours. I took issue with some of his test/quiz answers so I suggest you be cautious of those. As always, check your own answers against the PMBOK.

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