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Construction Management Specialization by Columbia University

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Construction Project Management Course.

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This online specialization will equip you with all the basics for a management position in the construction field. This series of PM courses is just fantastic, it brings together world-class PM Experts in their fields from some of the greatest construction companies in the world such as AECOM, Skanska or Turner and Townsend.However, including basic scheduling software lessons would have made this, a more well-rounded specialization. Scheduling assignments are a good opportunity to introduce students to MSOffice or Primavera P6.

At the end of each section, there is either a quiz or a peer review assignment which engages students from the very beginning. I liked the variety of assignments enabled by the peer review system such as feasibility studies, critical path calculations, in-depth Work Breakdown Structure study case and sequencing activities with job logic exercises to name a few.

Nevertheless, assignment instructions are sometimes vague. After submitting your task, I realised that guidelines for reviewing your peers´ work are very specific. That´s helpful for reviewing, but you may need to come back to do a second submission based on those new instructions.

There is not a better way to introduce you course than by adding a sample video from that course (not the promo!). Click HERE.


In order to complete this online specialization, you will need to successfuly pass four courses:
    • Construction Project Management. (29 hours)
    • Construction Scheduling. (29 hours)
    • Construction Cost Estimating and Cost Control. (24 hours)
    • Construction Finance. (22 hours)

You can also take any of the courses separately.

Construction Project Management (29 hours):

    • Introduction To The Course Part 1 11m
      Introduction To The Course Part 2 16m
      Introduction to the Engineering and Construction Industry 9m
      Construction Projects and Industry Characteristics 10m
      Challenges and Opportunities in the Construction Industry 9m
      Program Project and Construction Management Introduction 7m
      Construction Management and Project Managemen t8m
      Program Management and Summary 12m
      Construction vs Manufacturing Industry Basics 5m
      Compare and Contrast the Construction and Manufacturing Industries 7m
      The Future of the Construction Industry 9m
      Introduction to the EAC Life Cycle 8m
      The Cost of Change in the EAC Lifecycle 3m
      Key EAC Lifecycle Questions 14m
      Quiz on Construction Industry Overview 30m
      Project Development Cycle Part 1 9m
      Project Development Cycle Part 2 12m
      Contract Types 15m
      Project Delivery Methods 9m
      Contracting Strategy Assessment 5m
      CM at Risk and CM as Agency 8m
      Alliance Contracting and Public Private Partnerships 8m
      Types of Surety Bonds 13m
      Purchasing a Surety Bond 10m
      Terminating a Surety Bond 7m
      Surety Loss Data 18m
      Quiz on project delivery 30m
      Project Delivery and the Theory of Lean 22m
      Lean Design and Delivery 26m
      Lean Design: Flow 15m
      Lean construction 30m
      Sustainability in Construction Industry 13m
      Safety in Construction Industry 14m
      Community Involvement in a Construction Project 11m
      Rating Systems for Construction Projects 13m
      The Envision Rating System 11m
      Sustainability in construction 30m
      Environmental, Health and Safety Practices 9m
      Barriers to Learning and Change 10m
      Safety Performance Models 7m
      Safety, Health and Environment Management Systems 9m
      Making EHS Work for You 11m
      EHS 15m
      Technology Trends: Defining BIM 32m
      The Role of CM and Design Management 28m
      Technology and The Role of CM 26m
      Technology and The Role of Facility Management 10m
      Virtual Reality in Construction Management 16m
      Technology trends in construction 30m
      International Development and Project Risk 14m
      Cost Risks: Construction Projects 15m
      Cost Risks: Operations 21m
      ESPIRIT: A Framework for Understanding Risk 18m
      International development 30m
      Being an Effective Project Manager 11m
      The Project Organizational Chart 5m
      Methods of Contracting 11m
      Potential Project Risks 11m
      Logistics and Planning 14m
      Bidding and Levelling Sheets 13m
      Change Order and Claim Management 7m
      Role of a project manager 30m
      Project Planning and Scheduling 9m
      The Project Planning Process 12m
      Work Breakdown Structure 15m
      Standard and Project Coding Part 10m
      Project Coding 7m
      Estimating Activity Duration Part 1 9m
      Estimating Activity Duration Part 2 9m
      Determining Job Logic 9m
      Activity Relationships 15m
      Estimating Duration Work Problem 30m
      Quiz on Introduction to Project Planning 30m

Construction Scheduling (29 hours):

    • Construction Scheduling Course Overview 10m
      Introducing Bar (Gantt) Charts 10m
      Using Bar (Gantt) Charts 8m
      Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Bar (Gantt) Charts 8m
      Quiz on Gantt Chart 30m
      Introduction to Activity Precedence Diagrams 9m
      Recommendations for Building AON Diagrams 12m
      Examples of Activity Precedence (AON) Diagrams 9m
      Activities in a Construction Project 6m
      Types of Relationships between Construction Activities 7m
      Start to Start Relationships 7m
      Finish to Finish Relationships 4m
      Multiple Relationships 3m
      Quiz on Activity Relationships30m
      Forward Pass Calculations 15m
      Backward Pass Calculations 8m
      Example 1: Activity On Node Diagram 7m
      Example 2: AON and Forward/Backward Pass Calculations 11m
      Quiz on Activity Precedence Diagrams, Activity Relationships and Forward/Backward Passes 1h
      Introduction to Critical Path 5m
      Critical Path in a Project Schedule 10m
      Determining the Number of Critical Paths in a Project 2m
      Imposing Lag Durations in Critical Path 12m
      Determining Critical Path in a Start to Start Relationship 7m
      Determining Critical Path in a Finish to Finish Relationship 6m
      Critical Path Method 30m
      Types of Floats in a Construction Project 9m
      Activity Floats 9m
      Determining Total Float and Free Float 6m
      Introduction to the Interfering Float 9m
      Independent Float 9m
      Understanding Work Days and Calendar Days 8m
      The Relationship between Calendar Days and Work Days 7m
      Charting Work Dates and Calendar Dates 9m
      Quiz on Floats and Work-Calendar days 30m
      Introduction to Activity on Arrow 11m
      Drawing an Activity on Arrow Diagram 6m
      Numbering Nodes on a Diagram 2m
      Practice Drawing Activity on Arrow Diagrams 4m
      Advanced Activity Diagrams 14m
      Adding a Key to An Activity on Arrow Diagram 17m
      Backward Pass Calculations 6m
      Determining the Duration of a Project 8m
      Quiz on Activity on Arrow 30m
      Activity Diagram and Critical Path 30m
      Program Evaluation and Review Technique 7m
      Probability of Completing a Project: Normal Distribution5m
      PERT Probability Example 12m
      PERT Example on Completing a Project 10m
      PERT Calculations: Critical Activities 16m
      Applying PERT: Range Estimating 19m
      The Role of the Scheduler in Construction Projects 7m
      Insuring a Project Stays on Track 6m
      Keeping Accurate Records of Project Progress 7m
      Quiz on PERT and Role of Scheduler 30m
      Linear Construction Overview and Examples 17m
      Line of Balance (LOB) 9m
      LOB Diagram 6m
      LOB Example: Develop a Schedule 12m
      Visualizing LOB 12m
      Quiz on Line of Balance 30m
      Line of Balance Diagram 20m
      Technology Applications: Getting Started 8m
      Software Applications Overview 9m
      MS Project Scheduling Overview 13m
      MS Project: A Deeper Dive 17m
      Primavera P6 Overview 12m
      Primavera P6 Critical Path 11m
      Primavera P6: Gantt Chart 12m
      Primavera P6 Importing Activities and Running Schedule 9m
      Schedule Analysis and Applications 9m
      Schedule Application: Custom Tools 10m
      Building Information Management (BIM) Tools 14m
      Integration of the Model and Schedule Tools 9m
      Quiz on Technology Applications 30m
      Scheduling for Large Programs 1 10m
      Scheduling for Large Programs 2 7m
      Scheduling for Large Programs 3 8m
      Risk Allocation and Planning for Scheduling Overview 13m
      Risk Allocation: Defining Success 10m
      Risk Allocation Analysis 15m
      Sample Risk Profiles 15m
      Risk Assessment 13m
      Risk Allocation: Schedule and Concluding Remarks 16m
      Lean: Time and Schedule 11m
      Lean: Flow 4m
      Lean Design and Lean Scheduling 11m
      Lean Scheduling and Planning 12m
      Quiz on Large programs, Risk and Lean 45m

Construction Cost Estimating and Cost Control (24 hours):

    • Introduction to Cost Estimating and Cost Control 10m
      Design In The Construction Industry 12m
      Understanding Design 15m
      Overview of the Types of Cost Estimates 8m
      Cost Indices 10m
      Cost-Capacity Factor 11m
      Cost Estimates Quiz 15m
      Cost Estimates Work Problem 20m
      Measurement, Masonry, Glass Curtain Wall 8m
      Facade / Wall Finishes / Measurement Overview 9m
      Cut and Fill Process and Equipment 5m
      Cut and Fill Takeoff 5m
      Cut and Fill Software 5m
      Introduction to Deep Foundations 8m
      Concrete Foundation and Concrete Properties 13m
      Concrete Formwork 6m
      Concrete Takeoff: Parking Lot Example 7m
      Concrete Takeoff: Skyscraper Example 9m
      Quantifying rebar Walkthrough 6m
      History of Structural Steel 10m
      Steel Sections in Design 9m
      Structural Steel Takeoff Example 9m
      Quantity Take-Off and Measurement 30m
      Cost of Materials and Formwork 20m
      Concrete Material: Reinforcing Steel and Concrete 4m
      Money Component 6m
      Productivity Component and Examples 13m
      Estimating Equipment Costs 12m
      Pricing 30m
      Estimate Classification, Methods and Formats 10m
      Design Estimate project 8m
      Schematic Design Estimate Demo 9m
      Schematic Design: A Deeper Dive 4m
      Building and Finalizing the Estimate 9m
      Checks and Due Diligence 10m
      Building the Estimate 15m
      General Procurement: Pre-Bid Estimate and Bid Documentation 8m
      Bid Stage, Bid Returns and Levelling 12m
      Procurement 30m
      Cost Reporting Overview 13m
      Cost Reporting Examples 13m
      Change Orders and Communication 7m
      Post-Contract Quiz 15m
      What is Cost Control 8m
      Defining Methods of Cost Control 12m
      Cost Control 15m
      Defining EVM 9m
      EVM Parameters 11m
      Performance Examples 11m
      EVM Favorable Performance 12m
      Calculating EVM 12m
      Earned Value Method 15m
      Work Problem EVM 30m
      Close Out Punch List Review 5m
      Close Out Activities 13m
      Close Out Period 15m
      Cost Estimating in General Practice7m
      Tips in Cost Estimating and Cost Management 9m
      Roles and Responsibilities of Cost Managers 9m
      Cost Estimation 15m
      Cash Flow Method 14m
      Accrual Method 8m
      Contractor Cash Flow 6m
      Charting Cash Flow 3m
      Calculating Billing 7m
      Payment Cycle 6m
      Payment Cycle Drivers 5m
      Payment Cycle Delays 12m
      Schedule of Value 10m
      Accelerating Revenue 6m
      Front Loading 8m
      Delaying Expenses 15m
      Project Cash Flow 30m
      5D Estimating Systems (BIM) 13m
      Estimating Software in Action 12m
      Workflows 15m
      Implementation Perspective 15m
      Next Steps 8m
      Program Cost Contro l6m
      Defining the Cost of a Capital Program 11m
      Useful Tools for Cost Control 7m
      Cost Control for Large Programs 30m
      Money and Estimate in Capital Project Delivery 11m
      Benchmarking and Normalization Process 13m
      Lean Design: Value 7m
      Lean in Cost Control 13m
      Lean Set Based Design 13m
      Lean in Cost Control 30m

Construction Finance (22 hours):

    • Construction Finance Course Introduction 6m
      Mathematics of Money – Project Evaluation 11m
      Computing Interest / Simple Interest Calculations 9m
      Compound Interest Calculations 12m
      Simple vs. Compound Interest Rate Example / Nominal and Effective Rate 14m
      Nominal Interest Rate Example and Minimum Attractive Rate of Return 15m
      Present and Future Value of Money 11m
      Future Value of a Uniform Series 11m
      Uniform Series 8m
      Uniform Series: A deeper dive 11m
      Equations for Uniform Series 9m
      Net Present Value (NPV) Example 8m
      Internal Rate of Return (IRR) Example 8m
      Mathematics Of Money 45m
      Case Study: Mathematics of Money 30m
      Introduction to Financing Development Projects 10m
      Feasibility Study Example — Project Parameters 13m
      Development Costs 6m
      “Comps” based Property Sale, Tax, Gain and Return 12m
      “Cap Rate” based Sale, Tax Gain and Return 15m
      Preview of “Discounted Cash Flow” Methods for Gain and Return 11m
      Framework for “Discounted Cash Flow” (DCF) Analysis 10m
      “Net Present Value” DCF Method for Project Evaluation 15m
      Net Present Value (NPV) Examples 4m
      “Internal Rate of Return” (IRR) Method for Project Evaluation 12m
      NPV and IRR Analysis with Excel 11m
      Changing and Comparing Compounding Periods 10m
      Real Estate Finance Development Projects 30m
      Feasibility Study: Estimating The Sales Price 45m
      Introduction to Financial Plans for Development Projects 14m
      Debt Financing of Real Estate Projects 10m
      Construction Loan Example 10m
      Net Comprehensive Cash Flows for Sponsor and Lender 9m
      DCF Project Evaluation for Sponsor and Lender 14m
      Introduction to Decision Tree Analysis – 114m
      Introduction to Decision Tree Analysis – 28m
      Decision Tree Example – Overview 10m
      Solving the Example in Excel 10m
      Analysis of the Tree Results 7m
      Decision Tree Example with Time Value of Cash 9m
      Analysis of the Tree Results with Time Value Considered 10m
      Designing and Building Commercial Real Estate 30m
      Global Project Finance Overview and by Sector 8m
      Stakeholders in Project Finance 6m
      Stakeholder Roles 9m
      Principles of Project Financing 8m
      Risk and Risk Allocation 16m
      Categories of Risk Allocation 7m
      Sponsor Perspectives – Structuring and Documentation 11m
      Completion Risks / Government Perspectives 15m
      Contract Parties 9m
      Contracts and Agreements17m
      Project Finance 30m
      Project Parties, Timeline, and Finance 8m
      Borrowing vs Partnering Case Study: Revenue generating case 11m
      Case Study: Developer land swap case / Identifying and Allocating Risk 10m
      Risk in Project Finance 20m
      Public Private Partnerships (P3) Concept and Key Elements 12m
      Project Types 10m
      Drivers, Value and Typical Structures of P3 13m
      Responsibilities and Risk Transfer in various P3 structures 9m
      Pursuits through full project lifecycle and P3 Success Factors 12m
      Benefits of P3 13m
      Getting on Board with P3: Case Studies 9m
      A Deeper Dive Into P3 Case Studies 13m
      Public Private Partnerships 30m
      Identifying Risk 14m
      Waste Concept in Lean 3m
      Mitigating Risk through Lean Project Delivery Systems 8m
      How To Access Probability and Mitigate 9m
      Lean in Construction Finance 30m
      Course Wrap-up 5m

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