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Aligned with PMBOK 6th Edition®.

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In an IT development project with complicated relationships between stakeholders, Brad would like to categorize them based on power, urgency and legitimacy and determine their relative importance. Which data representation technique would be most suitable?

A. Stakeholder cube.
B. Power/interest grid.
C. Directions of influence.
D. Salience model.

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  1. PMP Solution 96

    A.It provides a model with multiple dimensions that improves the depiction of the stakeholder community as a multidimensional entity and assists with the development of communication strategies.
    B. It supports a grouping of stakeholders according to power, interest, influence, or ability to cause changes to the project’s planning or execution. Each tecnique focuses on two: power/interest grid, power/influence grid, or impact/influence grid. These classification models are useful for small projects or for projects with simple relationships between stakeholders and the project
    C. Classifies stakeholders according to their influence on the work of the project or the project team itself. Stakeholders can be classified in the following ways; Upward, Downward, Outward and Sideward.

    However, Salience Model describes classes of stakeholders based on assessments of their power (level of authority or ability to influence the outcomes of the project), urgency (need for immediate attention, either time-constrained or relating to the stakeholders’ high stake in the outcome), and legitimacy (their involvement is appropriate). The salience model is useful for large complex communities of stakeholders or where there are complex networks of relationships within the community. It is also useful in determining the relative importance of the identified stakeholders. Therefore, right answer is D. [PMBOK 6th edition, Page 513] [Project Stakeholder Management] Please have a look to a visual example at


  2. D Salience model (power, urgency and legitimacy)

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