PMP Exam Question 9

Aligned with PMBOK 6th Edition®.

Your organization has been assigned to manage Mumbai new soccer stadium, its largest construction contract in 40 year history. Because of your 10 year career with the organization, you have been selected to lead the project. Based on rumors you have heard, you expect the project to last over 5 years and to have at least 300 stakeholders from dozen of countries. Performing on schedule is critical. Even though no sponsor has been assigned, you begin work on the project charter. However, your manager tells you there isn’t time to worry about a charter and directs you to begin working on the project plan instead. What should you do now?

a) Be happy to be named the project manager and begin working on the project plan.

b) Develop a project charter on your own but do not worry that you have no sponsor to sign it.

c) Work on developing the project charter and the project plan concurrently.

d) Explain to your manager the risk of proceeding without a project charter.

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  1. PMP Solution 9

    It is important to have the charter developed and approved before we begin planning. How can we plan if we are unsure of the project objectives? Also, a sponsor is needed to provide financial resources for the project. The sponsor should sign the charter. On the other hand, we can not proceed with planning until we have agreed on the project objectives. The project charter provides the project manager with the authority to plan, execute, and control the project. Therefore, the right solution is d). [PMBOK 6th edition, Page 77] [Project Integration Management].


  2. d) Explain to your manager the risk of proceeding without a project charter.

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