PMP Exam Question 83

Aligned with PMBOK 6th Edition®.

Delivery Method

In an IT development project, Ben prepares the procurement documentation.  He is now documenting the delivery method and procurement phases. Which of the following documents should include that information?

A. Procurement Strategy.
B. Procurement Statement of Work.
C. Procurement Management Plan.
D. Bid documents.

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  1. PMP Solution 83

    It is important to distinguish between the Project Procurement Management process and the procurement management plan which is a document. Once the make-or-buy analysis is complete and the decision is made to acquire from outside the project, a procurement strategy should be identified. The objective of the procurement strategy is to determine the project delivery method, the type of legally binding agreement(s), and how the procurement will advance through the procurement phases. Therefore, right answer is A. Please find in a comment below all the documentation included in each document. [PMBOK 6th edition, Page 476] [Project Procurement Management]


  2. Shouldn’t this be part of Procurement Management Plan though? You are documenting procurement phases, not planning how to advance through procurement phases.

    • Hi Hermant,

      Thanks for your comment!

      According to PMBOK, the procurement management plan includes at least;

      How procurement work will be coordinated and integrated with other project work, particularly with resources, schedule, and budget
      Timetable for key procurement activities
      Procurement metrics to manage the contract
      Responsibilities of all stakeholders
      Procurement assumptions and constraints
      Legal jurisdiction and currency used for payment Information on independent estimates
      Risk management issues
      Prequalified sellers, if applicable

      Procurement Strategy includes;

      Procurement delivery methods
      Type of agreements
      Procurement phases

      Statement of work includes;

      Description of the procurement item
      Specifications, quality requirements and performance metrics
      Description of collateral services required
      Acceptance methods and criteria
      Performance data and other reports required
      Period and place of performance
      Currency; payment schedule

      Bid documents include;

      Request for information (RFI),
      Request for quote (RFQ),
      Request for proposal (RFP)


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