PMP Exam Question 60

Aligned with PMBOK 6th EditionĀ®.

Personal work styles has caused conflict between two key stakeholders in the construction of a new highway. The conflict has escalated and you, as project manager, should help facilitate a satisfactory resolution. How should you address the issue?

A. Conflict management should always be addressed by having a group meeting with both stakeholders.
B. This conflict should be treated as an increased of creativity and better decision making.
C. Conflict management should focus on people rather than the conflict itself.
D. Conflict management should be addressed early and using a collaborative approach.

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  1. PMP Solution 60

    Conflict is inevitable in a project environment. Sources of conflict include scarce resources, scheduling priorities, and personal work styles. Since the conflict has escalated, it should be addressed early and in private, using a direct, collaborative approach. If disruptive conflict continues, formal procedures may be used, including disciplinary actions. Therefore, right answer is D. [PMBOK 6th edition, Page 348] [Project Resource Management]


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