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You have just become the project manager of a project that involves designing and building a factory. The project has numerous stakeholders, including several government agencies. The project is already behind schedule and over budget. Providing for risk management is critical to the project’s success because the factory will contain rooms that will house hazardous chemicals and gases. Since these rooms will be considered high risk areas when the factory is operational alarm system are being identified for installation in case of a leak or spill of hazardous materials. Alarm #1 will sound if there is a gas leak, and its activation requires personnel to put on gas masks but continue to work in the factory without evacuating. Alarm 2 activation will notify factory personnel to shut down operations and then evacuate the building. The activation of Alarm #2 signals that which of the following has been reached?

a) Risk appetite.

b) Risk tolerance.

c) Risk threshold.

d) Risk workaround.

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  1. PMP Solution 6

    Risk appetite is the degree of uncertainly one is willing to accept in anticipation of a reward. A workaround is an unplanned response to a risk event. Risk Threshold is the level of risk exposure above which risks are addressed and below which risks may be accepted. Therefore, right answer is C. [PMBOK 6th edition, Page 721] [Project Risk Management].

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