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Martin is the project manager in the construction of a new bridge. The project team will perform the planning and the execution, and he wants to communicate the project objectives, gain the commitment of the team for his project and explain roles and responsibilities to each stakeholder through a project kick-off meeting. When do kick-off meetings normally take place in small projects?

A. In the Initiating process group.
B. After initiation, in the Planning process group.
C. After the initial planning, in the Executing process group.
D. After execution, in the Monitoring and Controlling process group.

5 responses on "PMP Exam Question 57"

  1. B. After initiation, in the Planning process group.

  2. PMP Solution 57

    -In large projects, a project management team normally does the majority of the planning, and the remainder of the project team is brought on when the initial planning is complete, at the start of the development/implementation. In this instance, the kick-off meeting takes place with processes in the Executing Process Group.
    -For small projects, there is usually only one team that performs the planning and the execution. In this case, the kick-off occurs shortly after initiation, in the Planning Process Group, because the team is involved in planning. Therefore the right answer is B. [PMBOK 6th edition, Page 86] [Project Integration Management]


  3. C. In the executing process

  4. Excuse me for the silly question but how did we decide the project was a small and not a large project? Isn’t that open to interppretation?

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