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Martin is looking for a technique that helps him foresee performance in processes of the project he is managing, a line graph that shows plotted data points in chronological order. How would you call this data representation technique?

A. Control Chart.

B. Cause and Effect diagram.

C. Histogram.

D. Scatter diagram.

February 16, 2020

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  1. PMP Solution 47

    Cause and Effect Diagram is a decomposition technique that helps trace an undesirable effect back to its root cause. On the other hand, Histograms can show the number of defects per deliverable or other representations of project or product defects.Scatter diagrams can demonstrate a relationship between any element of a process, environment, or activity on one axis and a quality defect on the other axis. Nonetheless, Control Charts are graphic display of process data over time and against established control limits, which has a centerline that assists in detecting a trend of plotted values. Control charts are used to determine whether or not a process is stable or has predictable performance. Therefore, correct answer is A. [PMBOK 6th edition, Page 304, 702] [Project Quality Management]


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