PMP Exam Question 4

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Quality Focus

Heavy rains hit your community. Roads are flooded and your project is to manage the re-construction of a main highway.  Due to time constraints, you need a tool that will help you focus on the most critical issues related to quality. Most likely you will use a:

a) Cause an effect diagram.

b) Flowchart.

c) Check sheet.

d) Histogram.

February 16, 2020

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  1. PMP Solution 4

    Cause and effect diagrams help en us find the root cause of certain negative effects. On the other hand, flowcharts give us a visualization of the steps to transform an input(s) into a desirable output. Checksheets are used to visibly collect data. Histograms show a graphical representation of numerical data. Histograms can show the number of defects per deliverable, a ranking of the cause of defects, the number of times each process is noncompliant, or other representations of project or product defects. The bars represent the individual values of the problem (in descending order from left to right) and the line represents the cumulative sum. Therefore, right answer is d) [PMBOK 6th edition, Page 293] [Project Quality Management].


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