PMP Exam Question 31

Aligned with PMBOK 6th EditionĀ®.

Adam, as project manager, is selecting, ordering and sorting planned schedule activities within reports. He is using activity information such as activity descriptions, predecessor activities, successor activities, leads and lags and resource requirements. Which project document is Adam most likely using?

A. WBS Dictionary.

B. Activity Attributes.

C. Activity list.

D. Milestone list.

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  1. PMP Solution 31

    Activity list includes the schedule activities required on the project. It also includes an activity identifier and a scope of work description for each activity in sufficient detail to ensure that project team members understand what work is required to be completed.WBS Dictionary is a document that provides detailed deliverable, activity and scheduling information about each component. However it is used to support WBS while Activity Attributes are used for schedule development and for selecting, ordering, and sorting the planned schedule activities in various ways within reports. They include activity descriptions, predecessor activities, successor activities, logical relationships, leads and lags, resource requirements, imposed dates, constraints and assumptions. Therefore the right answer is B.[PMBOK 6th edition, Page 186] [Project Schedule Management].


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