PMP Exam Question 19

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PMI Code of Ethics

Your company took over the management of a project from another company that went out of business. To minimize disruptions related to the transition, your company hired a number of the employees from the other company. One of these employees has delivered a 300-page document a week ahead of schedule. However, while walking past his desk, you notice that his computer is displaying a document with the logo of his former employer. You suspect that some of his work may have been based on documentation that is the property of the other company. What do you do?

A. Report this to your project stakeholders immediately.

B. Determine if any materials belonging to the other company have been copied.

C. The copyright material is owned by the client, for whom you are working so this is not a copyright issue.

D. Do nothing. Because the company is now out of business, no one now owns the copyright on that material.

February 16, 2020

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  1. PMP Solution 19

    Determine if any materials belonging to the other company have been copied. The fact that the other company has gone out of business does not necessarily mean that it no longer owns intellectual property. Once you know if materials from the other company have been used, you can develop a plan to move forward. Therefore, right answer is B. [PMI Code of Ethics, Page 4].


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