PMP Exam Question 144

Aligned with PMBOK 6th Edition®.

Resource Optimization :

In your construction project, a senior project manager has recommended you a resource optimization technique that adjusts the activities of a schedule model and planned resource use. Which of the following is a resource optimization technique?

A. Trend analysis.
B. Resource smoothing.
C. Crashing.
D. Fast tracking.

September 26, 2020

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  1. PMP® Solution 144.

    X A. Trend analysis examines project performance over time to determine whether performance is improving or deteriorating. Graphical analysis techniques are valuable for understanding performance to date and for com-paring to future performance goals in the form of completion dates.

    X C. Crashing is a schedule compression technique used to shorten the schedule duration for the least incre-mental cost by adding resources. Examples of crashing include approving overtime, bringing in additional re-sources, or paying to expedite delivery to activities on the critical path.

    X D. Fast tracking is a schedule compression technique which activities or phases normally done in sequence are performed in parallel for at least a portion of their duration. An example is constructing the foundation for a building before completing all of the architectural drawings.

    Resource optimization is used to adjust the start and finish dates of activities to adjust planned resource use to be equal to or less than resource availability. Examples of resource optimization techniques that can be used to adjust the schedule model due to demand and supply of resources include.(…):
    -Resource leveling. A technique in which start and finish dates are adjusted based on resource constraints with
    the goal of balancing the demand for resources with the available supply. Resource leveling can be used when
    shared or critically required resources are available only at certain times or in limited quantities. Resource level-ing can often cause the original critical path to change.
    – Resource smoothing. A technique that adjusts the activities of a schedule model such that the requirements for resources on the project do not exceed certain predefined resource limits. In resource smoothing, as op-posed to resource leveling, the project’s critical path is not changed and the completion date may not be de-layed. Therefore right answer is B. [PMBOK 6th edition, Page 211] [Project Schedule Management]


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