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Aligned with PMBOK 6th Edition®.

Critical Path Method :

In your construction project, there are five activities left; Activity A has a duration of 2 weeks and it is the finish-to-start predecessor of Activities B, C and D. Activity B will take 1 week to complete, Activity C has a duration of 2 weeks and Activity D is 3 week long. On the other hand, Activity E is dependent upon de completion of activities B, C and D. Which activities are the critical path?

A. Activities A, B and E are the critical path.
B. Activities A, B, C and E are the critical path.
C. Activities A, C and E are the critical path.
D. Activities A, D and E are the critical path.

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  1. PMP® Solution 140.

    X A. The duration of the path A-B-E is 2 weeks + 1 week + Activity E = 3 weeks + Activity E.

    X B. The path A, B, C and E is not a possible path due to there is no relationship between Activities B and C.

    X C. The duration of the path A-C-E is 2 weeks + 2 weeks + Activity E = 4 weeks + Activity E.

    The critical path method is used to estimate the minimum project duration and determine the amount of schedule flexibility on the logical network paths within the schedule model. (…) The critical path is the sequence of activities that represents the longest path through a project, which determines the shortest possible project duration. Since Activity E is successor of B, C and D, we don´t need its duration to determine the Critical Path. The path A-D-E ( 2 weeks + 3 weeks + Activity E = 5 weeks + Activity E) represents the longest path through the project. Therefore, right answer is D. [PMBOK 6th edition, Page 210] [Project Schedule Management]


  2. D, Activities A, D and E are the critical path.

  3. I need to see this drawn-out, to make sense of it.

  4. Imagine the symbol of a cross, Activity A is on the left, activity E is on the right, B is up D is down and C is at the center.

    Clean the Cross and connect activity A to B,C and D.

    Connect B,C,D to E.

    Include your Duration and Voila!!!!

  5. This scenario is really confusing.

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