PMP Exam Question 139

Aligned with PMBOK 6th Edition®.

Materials for the project :

You have just been hired for the construction of a nuclear plant and a project team member asks you about the material and equipment that will be used during the project. Which project document records that information?

A. Cost Baseline.
B. Resource Calendars.
C. Resource Management Plan.
D. Physical Resource Assignments.

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  1. PMP® Solution 139.

    X A. The cost baseline is the approved version of the time-phased project budget, excluding any management reserves, which can only be changed through formal change control procedures. It is used as a basis for com-parison to actual results. The cost baseline is developed as a summation of the approved budgets for the dif-ferent schedule activities.

    X B. A resource calendar identifies the working days, shifts, start and end of normal business hours, weekends, and public holidays when each specific resource is available

    X C. The resource management plan is the component of the project management plan that provides guidance on how project resources should be categorized, allocated, managed, and released. It may be divided between the team management plan and physical resource management plan according to the specifics of the project.

    Documentation of the physical resource assignments records the material, equipment, supplies, loca-tions, and other physical resources that will be used during the project. Therefore, right answer is D. [PMBOK 6th edition, Page 333] [Project Resource Management]


  2. D-Physical Resource Assignments, as the name says records the material and equipment used in the project.

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