PMP Exam Question 137

Aligned with PMBOK 6th Edition®.

Schedule Diagrams :

While creating a schedule model for project execution and monitoring and controlling, you start preparing a diagram showing activities and relationships without a time scale to present it in the activity-on-node diagram. How would you call this diagram?

A. Project Schedule Network Diagram.
B. Bar Chart.
C. Schedule Baseline.
D. Milestone Chart.

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  1. PMP® Solution 137.

    X B. Bar charts, also known as Gantt charts, bar charts represent schedule information where activities are listed on the vertical axis, dates are shown on the horizontal axis, and activity durations are shown as horizontal bars placed according to start and finish dates. Bar charts are relatively easy to read and are commonly used.

    X C. A schedule baseline is the approved version of a schedule model that can be changed only through formal change control procedures and is used as a basis for comparison to actual results. It is accepted and approved by the appropriate stakeholders as the schedule baseline with baseline start dates and baseline finish dates.

    X. D. Milestone charts are similar to bar charts, but only identify the scheduled start or completion of major deliverables and key external interfaces.

    Project schedule network diagrams are diagrams are commonly presented in the activity-on-node diagram format showing activities and relationships without a time scale, sometimes referred to as a pure logic diagram (…) or presented in a time-scaled schedule network diagram format that is sometimes called a logic bar chart (…) These diagrams, with activity date information, usually show both the project network logic and the project’s critical path schedule activities. This example also shows how each work package is planned as a series of related activities. Another presentation of the project schedule network diagram is a time-scaled logic diagram. These diagrams include a time scale and bars that represent the duration of activities with the logical relationships. They are optimized to show the relationships between activities where any number of activities may appear on the same line of the diagram in sequence. Therefore, right answer is A. [PMBOK 6th edition, Page 218] [Project Schedule Management]


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