PMP Exam Question 128

Aligned with PMBOK 6th Edition®.

Performance Measurement :

In your IT development project, you are integrating and comparing scope, budget and schedule to the earned value for performance measurement. How is this management control point called?

A. Control Limits.
B. Preventive Action.
C. Planning Package.
D. Control Account.

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  1. PMP® Solution 128.

    X A. The project manager and appropriate stakeholders may use the statistically calculated control limits to identify the points at which corrective action will be taken to prevent performance that remains outside the control limits. Control Limits is the area composed of three standard deviations on either side of the centerline or mean of a normal distribution of data plotted on a control chart, which reflects the expected variation in the data.

    X B. Preventive Action is an intentional activity that ensures the future performance of the project work is aligned with the project management plan.

    X C. A control account may include one or more planning packages. A planning package is a work breakdown structure component below the control account and above the work package with known work content but without detailed schedule activities.

    The lowest level of the WBS is a work package with a unique identifier. These identifiers provide a structure for hierarchical summation of costs, schedule, and resource information and form a code of accounts. Each work package is part of a control account. A control account is a management control point where scope, budget, and schedule are integrated and compared to the earned value for performance measurement. A control account has two or more work packages, though each work package is associated with a single control account. Therefore, right answer is D. [PMBOK 6th edition, Page 161] [Project Scope Management]


  2. D- Control Account. It is a management control point where scope, cost, and schedule are integrated and compared to the earned value for performance measurement. Control Accounts are placed at selected management points in the WBS.

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