PMP Exam Question 113

Aligned with PMBOK 6th Edition®.

Feedback on requirements :

Sara is collecting requirements in her design project. She would like to obtain early feedback of the product using a computer generated 3D model. What tool and technique is Sara using?

A. Communication Technology.
B. Document Analysis.
C. Project Management Information System.
D. Prototypes.

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  1. PMP Solutio 113

    A. Communication technology is important in addressing the team development issues in colocated and virtual teams. It helps build a harmonious environment for the colocated team and a better understanding for the virtual team, especially those working in different time zones. It is a tool and technique of the Develop Team process.
    B. Document analysis consists of reviewing and assessing any relevant documented information. In this process, document analysis is used to elicit requirements by analyzing existing documentation and identifying information relevant to the requirements. It is a tool and technique in the Collect Requirements process. Examples of documents that may be analyzed are; Agreements, Business plans, Marketing literature, Problem/issue logs, …
    C. The PMIS provides access to information technology (IT) software tools, such as scheduling software tools, work authorization systems, configuration management systems, information collection and distribution systems, as well as interfaces to other online automated systems such as corporate knowledge base repositories. However, it is not a tool and technique used in the Collect Requirements process.

    Prototyping is a method of obtaining early feedback on requirements by providing a model of the expected product before actually building it. Examples of prototypes are small-scale products, computer generated 2D and 3D models, mock-ups, or simulations. Prototypes allow stakeholders to experiment with a model of the final product rather than being limited to discussing abstract representations of their requirements. Therefore, right answer is D. [PMBOK 6th edition, Page 147] [Project Scope Management]


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