PMP Exam Question 109

Aligned with PMBOK 6th EditionĀ®.

Cause and effect diagrams :

The project team has found a significant decrease in the production rate of your project. You would like to break down the issue to identify the root cause of the problem. What tool or technique would be the most suitable?

A. Audit.
B. Flowchart.
C. Scatter diagram.
D. Fishbone diagram.

February 27, 2020

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  1. PMP Solution 109

    A. An audit is a structured, independent process used to determine if project activities comply with organizational and project policies, processes, and procedures.
    B. Flowcharts are also referred to as process maps because they display the sequence of steps and the branching possibilities that exist for a process that transforms one or more inputs into one or more outputs.
    C.A scatter diagram is a graph that shows the relationship between two variables. Scatter diagrams can demonstrate a relationship between any element of a process, environment, or activity on one axis and a quality defect on the other axis.

    Cause-and-effect diagrams are also known as fishbone diagrams, why-why diagrams, or Ishikawa diagrams. This type of diagram breaks down the causes of the problem statement identified into discrete branches, helping to identify the main or root cause of the problem. Therefore, right answer is D. [PMBOK 6th edition, Page 293] [Project Quality Management]


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