PMP Exam Question 103

Aligned with PMBOK 6th Edition®.

Scope Creep :

Chris is concerned with the scope creep in his adaptive project. He needs to minimize it by forcing the project team to process essential features first and then secondary features if possible. What would you establish in the schedule management plan to do so?

A. Time-boxing.
B. Project exclusions.
C. Reduction of change control.
D. Prioritization of stakeholders.

February 16, 2020

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  1. PMP Solution 103

    B. Project exclusions identifies what is excluded from the project. Explicitly stating what is out of scope for the project helps manage stakeholders’ expectations and can reduce scope creep. However, they are part of the project scope statement and not of the schedule management plan.
    C. Reducing change control will be counter productive and can increase scope creep.
    D. Prioritization of stakeholders is not be included in the schedule management plan it is part of the stakeholder engagement plan.

    Scope Creep is the uncontrolled expansion to product or project scope without adjustments to time, cost, and resources.When using an adaptive life cycle, the time-boxed periods for releases, waves, and iterations are specified. Time-boxed periods are durations during which the team works steadily toward completion of a goal. Time-boxing helps to minimize scope creep as it forces the teams to process essential features first, then other features when time permits.Therefore, right answer is A. [PMBOK 6th edition, Page 182,722] [Project Schedule Management]


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