PMP Exam Question 1

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The construction of a new soccer stadium in your country is finally complete. The first large sporting event to be held there, a tournament is about to begin. Over the next few days, athletes will begin to arrive from several different countries. The tournament will run for five consecutive evenings. There seems to be confusion on basic issues related to transportation and housing for the athletes. What should you do first?

a) Inform your sponsor of the issues.

b) Develop a better plan to collect all transportation and housing requirements for future events.

c) Not worry too much about this. There certainly are enough hotels locally to support the athletes.

d) Determine the impacts of these issues on the current project and resolve.

June 3, 2019

1 responses on "PMP Exam Question 1"

  1. PMP Solution 1

    The question asks for the first thing to be done. We may want to do everything on the list. a) and b) are both great ideas but we do not do them first. Regarding c), as the project manager, we are responsible for addressing these issues but we must address the immediate problem first. Therefore, the right answer is d).


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