Project Scope Management

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Project Scope Management: 2 Exams of 21 PMP Questions Each

In this course, I have carefully prepared for you 2 PMP Exams of 21 questions each from the Project Scope Management knowledge area of the PMBOK.

These questions could be part of your PMP Exam.

All of them are aligned with the last version of PMBOK (6th edition).

I hope they can help you pass your PMP Exam.



Course Curriculum

Project Scope Management
Project Scope Management Exam 1 00:25:12
Project Scope Management Exam 2 00:25:12

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  1. 3

    Guys you need to work over the slowness of the website.It hangs too a lot.

  2. 5

    Thank for question practice in the scope management knowledge area.

  3. Solution Explanation


    Hello, Team

    Good Job!

    A request: When you provide the explanation to the questions once we submit the quiz, can you also try and have all the four options displayed during the same?
    I noticed that I could see only my selected answer and the correct solution reasoning below it.
    It’ll essentially help a lot in understanding that question if I get to see all the previous four options.


  4. Helped identify gaps in my preparation..


    ..and towards that end, found these practice tests immensely helpful. Thank you!

  5. Good content


    worth attending

  6. Feedback


    Good Questions!
    Suggestion for improvement:
    It will help if the review page lists all four choices in the original question rather than listing only the marked and correct choice.

  7. Plan Scope Mgt Knowledge Area Quiz


    Helps in getting acclimitized to tricky questions

  8. Project Scope Man


    Found this course helpful in my study!

  9. Question# 19


    Verified deliverables will be considered Accepted deliverables after getting acceptance. I still think Verified Deliverables is correct answer.



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