Project Schedule Management

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Project Schedule Management: 21 PMP Exam Questions

In this course, I have carefully prepared for you 21 PMP Exam Questions from the Project Schedule Management knowledge area of the PMBOK.

These questions could be part of your PMP Exam.

All of them are aligned with the last version of PMBOK (6th edition).

I hope they can help you pass your PMP Exam.



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Project Schedule Management
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  1. Question 16 - Calculation of Most Likely Duration


    Excellent set of questions. However, I believe solution to Question 16 is incorrect.
    Using beta distribution, find out the most likely activity duration, in a project with an expected duration of 5 weeks, an optimistic duration of 4 weeks and a pessimistic duration of 8 weeks.
    Answer provided is 5.33 weeks which would be correct if the question was to compute Expected Duration (tE) based on tM, tO, tP.
    In this case, following parameters are already provided in the question:
    Expected Duration tE = 5
    Optimistic Duration tO = 4
    Pessimistic Duration tP = 8
    We need to compute most likely Duration now using BETA distribution:
    tE = (tO+4xtM+tP)/6
    Hence, tM = (6xtE – tO – tP)/4 = 4.5 weeks

    Please review this and clarify. It is a very good trick question, but answer provided is incorrect

  2. Manoj Reply


    Hi Manoj,

    Thanks for your message. We are glad that you share your concern with us.. The question asks for the activity duration, so for clarity we have review the sentence of the question to avoid any other confusion.

    Thank you

  3. Pretty good calculation questions! Thanks


    Pretty good calculation questions! Thanks

  4. Great set of tricky questions.


    Good one..



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