Project Integration Management

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Project Integration Management: 2 Exams of 21 PMP Questions Each

In this course, I have carefully prepared for you 2 PMP Exams of 21 questions each from the Project Integration Management knowledge area of the PMBOK.

These questions could be part of your PMP Exam.

All of them are aligned with the last version of PMBOK (6th edition).

I hope they can help you pass your PMP Exam.



Course Curriculum

Project Integration Management
Project Integration Management Exam 1 00:25:12
Project Integration Management Exam 2 00:25:12

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  1. 5

    i got clear and precise know-how about Project Integration Management.
    Engdaw A.

  2. Intergration KA


    great set of questions.

  3. 5

    Totally Awesome level questions.. It looks simple but totally tricky.

  4. 5

    Very, very helpful. I thought I knew most stuff on this topic, till I went through this test which showed me my areas of improvement.
    Thanks a ton for putting these together.

  5. Good questions


    Updated knowledge…

  6. 4

    Hi Jamie,

    In quiz #2, Q#2, there is ambiguity IMO.
    Which of these tools and techniques is common to all seven Project Integration Management processes?

    Meetings is also common to all the processes in Integration Management. Though “Meetings” is absent in the T&T for Manage Project Knowledge,, meetings could be used in Knowledge management T&T (see 3rd bullet on page #103 PMBOK6)


  7. excellent source for exam prep



  8. Great Test !!


    Must go for it before exam

    Thanks for great content



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