PMP Exam Full Form

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PMP Exam Full Form

First, go to the restroom and then prepare for….

4 hours and 200 PMP Exam Questions. Do you dare?

In this course, you can find the PMP Exam as you will find it the big day.

All of them include clear explanations aligned with the last version of PMBOK (6th edition).

I hope they can help you pass your PMP Exam.



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Full PMP Exam
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  1. good theoretical exam


    A suggestion, for all quizzes but mainly for this one that is so long, is to include the number of the question as it will easy the review.

  2. 5

    Great quizz. There was an issue with qestion 129, impossible to reach it and answer it.

  3. Full Exam Practice


    Thank you for 200 exam practice with the time 4 hrs. It was great practice to see how we can focus with the long time period (all 200 questions)
    Some minor comment :
    – It would be helpful to identify question# in each question, some time we lost were we are on the exam progress 🙂
    – Q129 : was some error, the are not appear , have to skip to Q130
    – Websit abit slow response during click submit move to next questions and the final summit time to get score.

  4. 2

    I am unable to access PMP FULL TEST 200 questions for 4 hours. Please support me in accessing the same.

    Is it required to create credentials to access the same.. ?
    Please advice ASAP


  5. Access to PMP Exam Full Form


    Hi Eby,

    Thanks for your comment! In order to access the PMP Exams at OpenPM you have two options;

    -Create an account and take the course as it is shown in this video; using this method is preferable because all your results would be saved so you can analyse what your weak knowledge areas are for instance.


    – Get access as Guest, as I can see you have already got access as Guest to leave this message. As there is only a Guest account used by all users, it may showed that the course has already been taken. In that case, you will need to click on Retake the Course when you access

    Please if you find any further issue, please create a topic at and I would guide you through.

    Many thanks
    With kind regards,

  6. 1

    The questions are great but the tool to run the questions is buggy. I couldn’t move to question 129. It kept looping back and forth questions 124-128.. I tried to save the progress and signed in again, but it didn’t save all my work.

  7. Bug in PMP Exam Full Form


    Hi Jim,

    Many thanks for your comment! I reviewed the exam and this bug is now fixed.
    We encourage you to Retake this course and don´t give up in your PMP Study.
    Please let me know if I can further assist.

    Many thanks
    With kind regards,

  8. Great exam


    The questions are much different than the questions I have taken from the other PMI exam samples. I really appreciate having questions that are pulled from a different perspective.

  9. Alireza


    This is a great site! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with people!
    As I benefit from my test your test I think it is my obligation to give you a feedback so you can correct it!
    After test number 120 – 130 it gradually starts to slows down!
    the bug affects the time as it freezes it! and it is really annoying after test number 170 !!

  10. 5

    great questions, they are unique and really make you think and analyze both the questions and answers. The explanation to my incorrect answers are with good details, short and straightforward.

  11. 5

    Nice set of questions and thank you! but timed out and my results are not getting generated. Am forced to retake entire quiz….Any way for me to get my results?

  12. My quiz was timed out before the expiration of time


    This is a wonderful package.

  13. 5

    Representative of the PMBOK materials

  14. Very Useful


    Goo questions, but it felt that is focused more on the knowledge check side less o than the logical check

  15. 5

    Good mock test.

    The application slows down after 100 questions. There seem to some bugs, the timer changes once it starts lowing down.

  16. Good Questions , Many Thanks


    Good Questions , Many Thanks

  17. Great


    Good exercise, but I don’t believe it’s the real thing, as PMP questions are usually longer and trickier.



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